June 22, 2022 (2:19 PM)

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BLENDED CONCERT FOR A CAUSE. As COVID-19 restrictions eased, Project Dyesabel launched its first hybrid concert muSEAkahan, in partnership with local artists and various organizations. Photo taken from Project Dyesabel Facebook page.

Celebrating Project Dyesabel’s 4th anniversary, Pride Month, and Philippine Environment Month, the Developing the Youth with Environmentally Sustainable Advocacies Building and Empowering Lives (DYESABEL) Inc. spearheads its first-ever hybrid concert entitled, “muSEAkahan 2022: FOUR the People and the Planet” after two years of online celebration. 

Project Dyesabel founder Amiel Lopez shared that the concert aims to showcase local artists and help the Sama-Bajau community’s healthcare, education, and livelihood challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want to think of ways we can really help them, given the challenges nga naa sa ilaha. Two years after the pandemic, grabe pa rin ‘yung adjustments nila sa livelihood, education, and healthcare,” he said.

MuSEAkahan, according to Lopez, wants to break the stereotypes of the Sama-Bajau Community being seen as beggars by showing that they are also hardworking people who aim for a living. 

With this, DYESABEL will be placing a whole-day bazaar to support local businesses and showcase Sama-Bajaus crafts and livelihood on top of the concert proper.

“Maglatag sila ng mga ukay-ukay nila, pearls, and etc. They will have a space there to market their products,” Amiel said.

The founder told Atenews that muSEAkahan became a platform for the Sama-Bajau community to amplify their voices, concerns, and livelihood, emphasizing that the event is also a celebration for them. 

Seaperhero President Joene Cis Berjes shared that Project Dyesabel also plans to implement an outreach program and add health as one of its pillars.

“What we have in mind is to teach them about sex education, how to prevent HIV, and etc., kasi most of them are unaware of it,” she said.

Berjes encouraged the youth to spread their promotional projects and to inspire people and different organizations to be aware of and care for Project Dyesabel.

DYESABEL wrote that with an admission fee of Php 500, individuals could enjoy food, socializing, performances, and more at YMCA Bldg., Davao City, on June 26. The included local businesses and organizations and what to expect during the event can be viewed here. You may also send donations and watch the concert’s live stream through their Facebook page.

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