March 21, 2012 (6:28 AM)

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I told you, forget me
Forget all of those sweet memories
Never mind the eyes that you loved to stare.
I don’t miss your hands
The hell I care.

I told you, forget me
Forget the night when I said
Please stay, I begged for you
You said you’d go.
So stop crying, you don’t look good in tears.

I told you, forget me
Forget my goodness
Forget my madness
My kisses, my bitter words.

I’m a fool
Who fell in love
Yet I don’t know how
to show love, no credits
you hear from me.
Because I am a fool,
I’m a fool.
Now, move on,
Got my text?
I don’t miss you.

– Bittersweet-Ex

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