December 22, 2015 (9:22 AM)

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The search for badminton glory ended last Sunday, Dec. 13, at the Smashville gym when the School of Engineering and Architecture Tigers’ Neil Pate won his closely-contested matchup against the Accountancy Griffins’ Florenz Cameros in three sets, 21-19, 15-21, and 21-18.

The first set of the match was a close one, as both players went back and forth at each other, eager to show who the hungrier competitor was. In the end, Pate was able to wriggle out with just a 2-point lead.

Cameros immediately bounced back in the second set and seemed to be unstoppable after displaying a combination of powerful smashes and unanticipated drops which earned him a 21-15 victory.

The third set was as ugly as it was competitive, as both players sustained leg injuries but still continued to play. As the game went on, it was apparent that Pate had the more serious injury as the game had to be intentionally stopped to tend to his medical concerns. Despite this, Pate was able to find his way back into the game and earn himself a 5-point advantage as the contest neared match point.

Cameros gave it a valiant effort, but it wasn’t enough to stop the to-be champion’s momentum, as Pate eventually closed out the match, 21-18, and cemented his place as the men’s singles badminton champion for the Palarong Atenista 2015.

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