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Photo by The Philippine Star (

Photo by The Philippine Star (

Effective last March 9, Monday, flagdown rate of taxis are now lowered down to P30 nationwide. However, the accumulated fare after 300 meters will not be lessened.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) declared this provisional P10 rollback due to the “prevailing low prices of oil in the world market.” LTFRB chairman Winston Ginez said, “The fare reduction will be automatically imposed on Monday without any documents needed from the LTFRB,” according to an article by Philippine Star.

Since the rollback is provisional, taxis were not reprogammed to have the P30 flagdown. Nonetheless, the LTFRB expects the driver to manually deduct P10 from the fare of its passengers.

On the other hand, taxi drivers and operators clamor the rollback as “unreasonable.”

“The flag-down rate is unreasonable. This is the flag-down rate in 2004. That was 11 years ago. So binaba nila ‘yung flag-down rate to the level ng flag-down 11 years ago,” said Philippine National Taxi Operators Association (PNTOA) president Bong Suntay ib an article by the Philippine Inquirer.

PNTOA will be filing a motion for reconsideration, questioning the necessity of the rollback. With the 10 peso decrease, taxi drivers will lose 300-350 pesos for 30-35 pick ups a day.

“We also have to take in consideration the inflation rate, cost of living and the cost of spare parts and other taxi conditions,” Suntay added.

In the eyes of a Davaoeño taxi driver, the decrease will cause taxi drivers to quit their job.

For Mr. Berulo G. Castro, a taxi driver for 19 years, the decrease will cause taxi drivers to quit their job.

“Wala na. Unsa man among ipakaon sa among pamilya, naglisod na man gani halos di na mi maka arkila run. Daghan man gani ma-short aning kwarenta pa, kuhaan pa ug dyis,” he added.

He said that they still have to pay 2,500 pesos everyday for the taxi rental.

Neljenne Tan, first year Accountancy student, does not also agree with the rollback.

“Di man always nagababa ang price ng gas and luoy ang driver kay magbayad pa baya siya rent ng taxi,” she added.

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