January 21, 2017 (11:41 AM)

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Atty. Jose Charito Cortez III gives a talk during the workshop with participants coming from the different sectors. Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes


As a response to the current justice paradigm of the Philippines, a workshop on restorative and transformative justice was held at the Training Room 8/F Community Center last Jan. 21.

The workshop was co-sponsored by the Ateneo Legal Aid Center (ALAC) and Katilingbanong Pagtambayayong (KP).

Attending the event where representatives of civic service groups, members of the academe and law professionals.

The event aimed to provide an avenue of dialogue and to spread awareness on restorative and transformative justice in contrast with the current criminal and political justice system.

Jeremy Simons, an adviser on restorative and transformative justice, explained the relevance of restorative justice during his talk.

“Restorative justice democratizes justice. We have a lot of political justice and criminal justice. These are quite passive with the welfare of the victims. Restorative justice, on the other hand, places the victims in the center. Restorative is more humanizing,” Simons said.

Simons also shared that studies have proven that restorative justice has greater impact on heavy crimes compared to applying it on petty and juvenile crimes.

Rhea Silvosa, a training program officer of the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute, shared how restorative justice is effective.

“I know a community in Korea that applies restorative justice in resolving cries. It is evident that it helps in healing victims and the criminals as well since it lets them [the criminals] come into terms with what has happened and confirms that they are not really monsters,” uttered Silvosa.

Participants in the event engaged in small group discussions in order to exchange ideas and opinions on the concept of justice and synthesize the matters discussed in the workshop.

Organizers of the event hoped that events like these can help empower the application of restorative and transformative justice in the country, especially in Davao City.



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