July 27, 2014 (10:43 AM)

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By: Ivy Delos Santos

The Social Sciences Cluster officially marked the beginning of a new semester of learning, friendship, and fun with a movie-inspired Orientation Day at the Finster Auditorium last June 21. The event began with each Department Chair presenting a brief preview about the course offering under his or her respective department, including career opportunities and messages for the freshmen. The Islamic Studies Program was also introduced as a new addition to the roster of Social Studies courses.

The Orientation did not only serve as an introduction of the academic aspect of being a Social Studies student but also showcased the creativity and artistic capabilities of the Dragons. Each course under the cluster was represented by a specific movie genre, including comedy, action, sci-fi, and romance, in line with the Orientation’s theme. The Dragons also showed their talent and versatility by portraying scenes from famous movies. The movie-inspired theme was surely fitting for a cluster comprised of academically-gifted, beautiful, and talented students.
The Orientation Day also mirrored the reason why every Social Studies student was called to gather together in that event. The event reflected the mixture of the daily experiences that a student will face in his or her life in the university, especially for the freshmen who are yet to experience the comedy, drama, romance, and thrill of being a Social Sciences student and an Atenean.

More importantly, this Orientation once again reminded us that just like in a movie premier, we are given a story to look forward to. We may not know what the plot is or who the characters are, but we are given the opportunity to experience everything as the story unfolds. Just as how a movie develops, we hope that every Social Sciences student will make each moment of their student life meaningful and well-lived, from its high points to the low ones, from the climax to the conclusion. After all, it is from these experiences that great stories are formed. We look forward to another promising and fruitful year for all the Dragons. Turn the reel on; the Dragons are ready. Lights, Camera, Action!

End the silence of the gagged!

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