March 21, 2012 (5:36 AM)

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Sail on…
Nobody said it was easy.
Fall in love if you must
but remain whole.
Find courage in each day,
tomorrow will always be a different
Thus, remember the task at hand –
No river reaches the sea
without having to endure
the indifference of dead rocks
and the mere civility of enigmatic
Life is an eternity of boredom,
of fears and disappointments.
but take it like a child would –
There is always joy in simplicity.
There’s happiness in wonder and
There is no pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow,
but don’t miss the point –
It is the soul’s journey
and not the neverending aches
of a tired mind;
It is the heart’s pains and laughter,
and not the pleasure of self-confidence,
which define who we really are.
Cry if you must,
the tears will wipe the pains
Dream whilst you are young –
there’s no other time.
If you lose hope,
if you exchange the wonder of
your childhood
for the dark and the thrill of hell,
then life, your one and only,
shall be meaningless!

– Ryan Maboloc

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