December 1, 2014 (1:28 PM)

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With the theme “Maghimagsik ay Makatarungan, Pandayin ang Sosyalistang Lipunan”, the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) celebrated its 50th founding anniversary at CAP Grand Auditorium, Anda St. Davao City last November 30. In the same occasion, they also remembered the birth of National hero Andres Bonifacio.

Its founder, Jose Maria Sison, extended his greeting through a video presentation. KM members who fought against Marcos dictatorship also gave their messages.

Among the highlights of the events were the cultural presentations and music renditions from its youth members. In addition, ‘The Guerilla is a Poet’, a film based on the revolutionary story of Jose Maria Sison, was also shown in the program. It narrated the life of its founder and showed how the group was conceived.

Later in the program, a moment of silence was also offered to the members who sacrificed their lives for the sake of group’s cause. Among them was Benjaline “Beng” Hernandez, an Atenean and a former feature editor of Atenews who was killed in Arakan Valley, North Cotabato last 2002.

As a progressive and militant group, Kabataang Makabayan believes that fight started by Andress Bonifacio has not yet ended. The celebration re-echoed its goal to help the working class, fight imperialism and feudalism, and push for a society that will be guided by the principle of equality.

End the silence of the gagged!

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