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  • Current Congressman, San Juan
  • Former mayor, San Juan city
  • Former National President, Junior Chamber of the Philippines, Inc (JCI)
  • National founder, Mamamayan Ayaw sa Droga (MAD)
  • National chairman, Kabataan ng Masang Pilipino (KAMPIL)
  • Chairman, Ang Bayang Makulay Foundation
  • Honorary chairman/adviser, National Youth Commission


Bachelor of Science, Major in Political Science – De La Salle University

Awards and honors:

  • The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Awardee for Government Service
  • Most Outstanding National President for Asia and the Pacific of the JCI
  • Exemplary Leadership Award by the Metro Area Jaycees
  • Presidential Award for Leadership Excellence (Outstanding NEW)
  • Metro Area Jaycee Leadership Excellence Award
  • Metro East Region Distinguished Service Award
  • Metro East Region Leadership Award


JV Ejercito’s platforms/advocacy is inspired by a slogan “Ginhawa Para sa Masa, Aksyon ng Pagkakaisa.”

Key Thrusts
EDUCATION: Kalidad na Edukasyong Makabago at Akma sa Kumpetensiya ng Bagong Siglo
Thrust: Education for 21ST Century Jobs
Action: Attune Educational Program to Job Market priorities & provide measures that will boost Skill Set of Filipinos

JOBS: Trabaho para sa Ginhawa ng Pamilya at Komunidad
Thrust: Job Generation to boost Family & Community
Action: Strengthen and/or augment legislation that encourage investors and industrial growth, especially in sectors that are fitted to Filipino skills and aptitude

WORKER’S PROTECTION: Tamang Batas para sa Pag-alaga sa Karapatan at Kaginhawaan ng Manggagawa
Thrust: Labor Laws that Protect Rights & Encourage Productivity
Action: Review laws and strengthen implementing regulations to ensure workers’ rights are safeguarded

MINDANAO: Prioridad at Pondo para sa Mindanao
Thrust: Priority Program and Funds for Full-Scale Mindanao Development
Action: Legislate proper resource allocation for Mindanao according to potential gains and development goals

13-Point Platform

Action On Education

  • Ensure Access of the Filipino Youth to Quality Higher Education By Developing Regional Educational Hubs. Improve access to quality higher education by pushing for legislation that mandates the development and maintenance of quality state universities and colleges in at least every region.
  • Sustain Drive For Annual Increase in SUCs Budgets. Continue to work for the necessary increase in government funding for SUC’s to improve the quality of tertiary education.
  • Work for Legislation that Invests in the Development of the Filipino Youth for Leadership and Nation- Building. Empower the youth through a comprehensive development agenda that focuses on key areas such as business, leadership and nation-building.
  • Monitor K+12 Implementation with End-In-View of Identifying Improvement Areas and Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Filipino School Children. Improve the quality of implementation of the Basic Education Program through consistent review and ensure its competitiveness on the international level.

Action on Job Creation

  • Work for Appropriate Mechanisms in the Educational System to Attune Course Offerings to Job Market Needs. Review the curriculum of Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) to ensure its responsiveness to manpower demands of trade and industry.
  • Boost Tourism Growth by Encouraging Investments Through Innovative Incentive Packages. Recognizing the need to improve the tourism industry by encouraging investments in systemic infrastructure development, government incentive packages should be competitively packaged to attract investors.
  • Strengthen Legislation to Support the Investment and Growth of the Agriculture Sector. Stimulate the agriculture sector through a comprehensive program geared towards new technologies, infrastructure development and market access.
  • Align Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Allocations Towards Programs That Increase Productivity and Lead to Job Creation Among The Poor. Reallocate a portion of the budget for the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program to increase productivity through job creation and accessible education.
  • Support LGU Initiatives That Enable Productivity and Improve Quality of Life Within the Local Communities. Support local government unit initiatives that aim to increase productivity and uplift the lives of their constituents.

Action on Worker’s Protection

  • Strengthen Prtoective Measures for OFWs in Relevant Legislation, Particularly in Setting A Cap For Placement Fees. Promote the welfare of OFW’s especially in availing services and government support.
  • Mandate Measures that Ensure Quality Working Environment in BPO Companies. Implement health and safety measures to ensure the well-being of BPO manpower.
  • Work for the Full Implementation of the Kasambahay Bill. The next step after the passage and signing into law of the Kasambahay Bill is to ensure that its implementation is done in accordance with the intent and spirit of the law.

Action on Mindanao

Work for Legislative Reforms That Ensure Development Resources and Government Priorities Are Allocated and Implemented for Mindanao. Promote economic growth and development in Mindanao through a comprehensive program that addresses key issues and maximizes the potential of the island.

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