March 13, 2017 (1:25 PM)

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Continuing the “celebration of ideas” for five years now, the Philosophers’ Rally last March 11 at the Finster Auditorium featured students who discussed their papers regarding this year’s theme: justice and human rights.

After a screening period, ten students were selected to present their papers that talk about various topics like extrajudicial killings, the Philippine revolution, abortion, human freedom among others. Before their paper presentations, this year’s keynote speaker, Christopher Ryan Maboloc, discussed “Justice and the Politics of Difference,” expressing his thoughts on the concept of equality and the responsibility of the state and its citizens.

After Maboloc’s talk, the audience proceeded to the concurrent sessions to listen to the presenters and ask questions regarding their papers.

“The experience of listening to the presenters was awe-inspiring. It was an opportunity to encounter fresh yet relevant philosophies that truly shaped my perspectives in certain issues in the society like rights, morality and conflict of differences. The student presenters were very articulate and their notions were clear and concise,” Renz Lacorte of the Senior High School Department expressed when asked about the event.

Jirah Lin, one of the presenters who talked about abortion, shared how participative the audience were during her discussion.

“It was my first time and it went great. Nakinig talaga yung audience and we had a healthy discussion on my topic,” she said. Selected papers presented during the event will also be published in Lawig, the official publication of the Ateneo de Davao University Philosophy Department

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