June 18, 2018 (3:11 PM)

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Indie-alternative rock band, Autotelic, performed for #IgKnight2018’s Centerstage held last June 16, at the Martin Hall, Ateneo de Davao University. Photo by Loraine Rubi.

The year’s semester opener culminated with IgKnight Centerstage, featuring performances from the renowned Filipino band Autotelic, and awards for different university clusters last Saturday, June 16 at the Martin Hall.

IgKnight Centerstage started off with opening remarks from the SAMAHAN Moderator, Lunar T. Fayloga. Following that was the awarding for those who excelled during the entire run of IgKnight 2018.

School of Education was awarded the Liveliest Cluster during the parade of creatures, while Ateneo Culture and Arts Cluster bagged the award for Best Booth.

During the performance proper, present were the Awitenista 2018 finalists, #45 Diamond Street and Sinuglaw, to hype the audience before the main highlight, Autotelic, takes the stage.

In an interview, SAMAHAN President Jerry Huerbana explained the rationale behind the One Big Year Opener.

“One reason ngano ni namo na-come up is because we have the first year students. And these first year students, they are the first year students, they are the freshies, na naga-crave sa college experience. We grabbed this opportunity to at least introduce what the university life is.”

Huerbana discussed further how this event does not just benefit the freshmen, but the University and future

Ateneans as well since the freshmen will be the one to pick up the central board after the current leaders leave for graduation.

“[This is] to introduce our organizations and the student council itself because this year is very vital. It’s very important for us to transition, to properly transition, the works, the responsibilities, the duties of the students–not just of the student council but of the student organizations as well–to our first year students. Kay right after we graduate, of course, sila na ang susunod.”

Moreover, Huerbana calls unto the university body to show the same extent of participation, if not more, in the heavier and more critical events and discussions in the future.

“But not only that, I also look forward to events and activities that will also engage the students in very vital issues not only inside the university.

“Because I look forward na since maraming nag-participate during this activity and during this event-One Big Year Opener- mag-eexpect kami na andiyan din sila during our FJDs, our Storya Ta, focus with discussions in the future, with more serious events and for activities that will involve the society outside the university.”

When asked if One Big Year Opener will be an annual semester opening week event, Huerbana could not promise. He said that the chances of that happening could only depend on the next administration and the evaluation that they will have this coming SAMAHAN Meeting.


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