March 21, 2012 (5:40 AM)

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Feel the rush of waking up
Singing in the showers
And choosing my clothes giddily
As I look forward to seeing you
In a restaurant
A little too far from home
A little too expensive for our budget

I’d like to gush over your
Sweet late night text messages
Even though they are things
That I’ve heard before
In movies,
In songs,

I’d like for you to
Surprise me with flowers on the bedside again
And make me feel like
Miss Universe would pale in comparison
To when I smile in the morning

During our invigorating village jogs
That’s making me blush harder
Than when you first held my hand

I don’t really know
How you spend your days
Do you think of me
As fondly as before?
Do you look forward to
Us seeing again,
As eagerly as before?
Do I still look lovely to you?

I’d like to date you again
For whatever it’s worth

Are you free tonight?

Perhaps after you
Tuck the kids in?

– Karla Stefan Singson

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