March 21, 2012 (6:08 AM)

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I was in fantasy
when I thought
those three words are enough
to secure eternity,
When I thought
the sweetness we had
are weapons
to push away goodbyes,
And when I thought
changes won’t happen,
but yes, you are correct,
time cannot hold us.

I was in fantasy
when I trusted myself
that by putting space
setting distance,
love will grow
love will still show.
I thought, letting
you wait
for a long time
feelings won’t change,
but yes, you are correct
destiny is not for us.

I failed to keep
My words, my hopes
my feelings,

No more love
No more sweetness
No more joy
No more spark

I’ve lost them all
Last night, I faced
the truth, told myself
I was in fantasy.

– Red Perez

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