June 22, 2013 (4:36 PM)

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Lawyers, journalists, flight attendants, business men and women, and professors of 2023 gathered on June 21 during the Humanities and Letters (HumLet) Cluster Orientation Day.

The theme “Who will you be 10 years from now?” encouraged Philosophy, Mass Communication, and English students to portray their vision of their future selves.

Some students dared to be more unique and creative by dressing up as housewives, nuns, and corpses.

“We should face the reality that soon enough, we’re going to graduate,” HumLet Representative Louise Anne Subido said when asked about the inspiration behind the theme.

The 3-hour long program opened with an invocation led by the Teatro Humanidades, followed by a creative song and dance number of the Humanities Talent Pool.

Aside from the entertainment provided by the talents, the program was made more meaningful by the inspirational messages given by different speakers, such as Theology Chair Mr. Lunar Fayloga, and Philosophy Chair Mr. Jeremy Tuvida.

HumLet Assistant Dean Dr. Renante Pilapil said in his opening remarks that the HumLet cluster is unique among all the clusters.

“It is in the humanities that we emerge and experience the wonder of human existence,” he said.

Another wave of performances from Talent Edge Davao singers and dancers entertained the crowd before Subido gave her closing remarks.

Before the program officially ended, an audio-visual presentation of last year’s events was played to encourage participation from HumLet students in the coming Ateneo Fiesta and College Days.

This year, a better cluster is expected because of the strengthened bond of the three programs making up the HumLet: Philosophy, AB English, and Mass Communication.

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