February 27, 2017 (1:58 PM)

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The Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) division scored 40 out of the 87 points in the difficult round and were hailed as the champions for this year’s Utakan: Quiz Bowl which was held Friday afternoon at the Arrupe Hall.

This year’s Utakan theme was inspired by the popular television series, Game of Thrones, as judges wore costumes based from the said television show.

In the easy round, the Accountancy division (ACC) scored 18 points and garnered first place while the Social Sciences (SS) division scored 14 points and three other divisions (Humanities and Letters (HUMLET), Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM), and School of Nursing (SON) scored 12 points each.

In the average round, ACC continued to lead as they scored 45 points after correctly answered nine out of the 15 questions. While HUMLET, SON, and the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) scored 35 points in the average round.

In the difficult round, HUMLET dominated the round as they scored 40 points after they correctly answered four out of the 15 questions. While five other divisions scored only 20 points after correctly answered just two questions.

At the end of the quiz bowl, HUMLET was hailed the Utakan: Quiz Bowl champion with a total of 87 points. ACC was at second place with 83 points, and SON was at third with 67 points.

“We feel very grateful kay since different depatments, so limited ang among knowledge because different ang among specializations. But now, parang masabi namin na mas nag-stand out ang potential at saka mind ng isang Humanities and Letters na cluster,” Ramil Salon, a fourth year mass communication student and one of the participants of the quiz bowl, said.

The Utakan: Quiz Bowl is part of the university’s celebration of the Fesitival of Excellence.


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