February 26, 2018 (1:59 PM)

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Representatives from the Humanities and Letters cluster pose for a picture during the awarding ceremony. Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes.

After a recalculation of scores for the Festival of Excellence (FOE) 2018, the Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) cluster was declared the event’s overall champion. The first and second runners up were School of Engineering (SEA) and Business and Management (BM) respectively.

The FOE awarding and culmination was held at the 4th floor Martin building last February 23.

Preceding the awarding was the Sadsad Mindanaw, a cultural dance competition that was recently implemented in the FOE.

This year’s competitors for Sadsad Mindanaw were from Accountancy, Business and Management, and the Supercluster which comprises of the School of Engineering and Architecture, Social Sciences, School of Nursing, Humanities and Letters, and Computer Studies division.

The Accountancy division’s dance portrayed a story of how the Tugtog sa Kinaiyahan, a gift by Manama to the Bagobo community was stolen by a man who was curious of its power.

The Business and Management cluster featured a myth of the Bagobo origin.

As for the Supercluster, they showcased one of the remaining dances of the Tagabawa Bagobo which is the Badbad Tangkulo.

Business and Management defended their championship title as the Accountancy cluster took first runner up and Supercluster took second runner up.

The tabulation for the FOE winners was based on the scoring of the event’s week-long competitions.

Esporre: Photojournalism Competition:

Champion- SBG

1st runner up- SEA

2nd runner up- HUMLET


Hugot Unplugged: Spoken Word Poetry Competition:

Champion: HUMLET

1st runner up- ACC

2nd runner up- SEA


Mugna: Short Film Competition:

Champion- SEA

1st runner up- BM

2nd runner up- HUMLET
Utakan: Spelling Bee:

Champion- HUMLET

1st runner up- NSM

2nd runner up- SOE


Utakan: Quiz Bowl:

Champion- CS

1st runner up- SEA

2nd runner up- HUMLET


Sadsad Mindanaw: Indigenous Dance Competition:

Champion- BM

1st runner up- ACC

2nd runner up- Supercluster

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