February 21, 2018 (3:02 PM)

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Winners from the HumLet cluster pose for a photo after the competition. Photo by Julien Jame Apale.

The Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) cluster was declared champion followed by Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) for first runner up and School of Education (SOE) for second runner up in the Utakan: Spelling Bee 2018 held last February 19 at the Arrupe Hall.

The spelling bee is a part of the week-long celebration of the Festival of Excellence (FOE) and was divided into three rounds: Easy, average, and difficult.

The HUMLET’s Wolves took the early lead in the easy round with a score of 18 followed by the Accountancy Griffins, Business and Management Vipers, and School of Engineering and Architecture Tigers with a tie of 14 points.

HUMLET continued its dominance during the average round, ending the round with a score of 15.

The representatives of NSM and SOE tried a late game comeback attempt to snatch the victory by earning 20 points each in the difficult round by ultimately ended in vain as HUMLET’s lead was to huge to overcome.

The competition ended with Wolves earning a total of 43 points while NSM and SOE earned 40 and 33 points respectively.

The overall rankings for the spelling bee are as follows:

1st– Humanities and Letters

2nd– Natural Sciences and Mathematics

3rd– School of Education

4th– Computer Sciences

5th– Accountancy & Business and Management

6th– School of Engineering and Architecture

7th– School of Nursing

8th– Social Sciences

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