July 27, 2014 (10:37 AM)

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By: Karlo Alexie Puerto, HumLet SEC PRO

The Humanities and Letters Cluster recently held their Orientation Day event with the theme “Jeje days” at F213 last June 20, 2014. The said event was attended by the cluster’s students, teaching and non-teaching staff, and alumni.

The event was graced by members of the Humanities and Letters administration, notably by Fr. Erwin Rommel Torres, the Assistant Dean for the cluster. The chairpersons of the Mass Communication, Literature and Arts, Languages, Philosophy and Theology departments were also introduced. An open forum was later conducted, with questions ranging from the re-shuffling of classes to possible career opportunities, among others.

The night was made more exciting with the presentation of song and dance numbers by the Humanities and Letters Wolf Pack and the Timberwolves. Moreover, other activities in the program such as the search for the Best Jeje photo and the Best Jeje outfit honed the creativity of the HumLet students even more.

The orientation day also highlighted the advocacies of SAMAHAN through a short video presentation about bridging Ateneans together and being one in achieving

SAMAHAN Central Board President Regel Asuero also spoke during the event and joined in on the festivities.

“Rak na ituuuu,” Asuero said, pumping up everyone in attendance.

The event even extended to social media site Twitter, with the hashtag #HumLetJejeDays being included in the top trends in Davao City.

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