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Be Honest

What would you do if you found yourself looking at a Php500.00 bill?

Would you look at all directions, pick it up,keep it in the pocket and act like nothing happened?

Would you just look at it, ignore it and continue living your simple life?

Would you pick it up, go to the Office of Student Affairs Lost and Found counter or give it to the teacher at that moment if in class?

Back in November 22, 2012, Klarisee Diane Suriba of BSAT section E faced the same situation.

She found that small yellow paper inside AVR-D while their substitute teacher J-ney Zapanta was looking after their class in their film-viewing schedule.

Of all the options she got, she chose the last option. She picked it up, approached her teacher and said she found it.

She did not keep it. She did not ignore it. She did what was right. That was honesty.

According to Joshua Becker,author of three books and member of a family that chose to become minimalists (those who own few possessions), honesty is more desirable because it is simple. It is uncomplicated.

This man who has been featured in CBS Evening News, National Public Radio and other media interviews around the world revealed in his blog becomingminimalist.com his list on why it is more desirable to be honest.

First in his list is a Closer relationship. Honesty is usually reciprocated by trust. It is a give and take situation wherein people just saw a person as trustworthy. By being honest, Becker wrote, “friends will love the true you.”

The second is somehow related to the first: that honest people also attract honest people. This makes all the circle of friends better and with higher quality.

Third is Confidence. The blogger who inspired millions said that, “honest people have great trust on themselves,” which is actually true. They know they can handle themselves.

Fourth is Wellness. In an article in huffingpost.com published last August 2012, a study was presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association. It was shown there that “making a point not to lie is linked with better mental and physical health.”

Researchers said that “the lesser the lies, the better the health.” This confirms what Becker said. Lesser colds. Lesser fatigue. Lesser depression. Lesser anxiety.

Last would be Less stress. To lie means to check always the details to see if the created information is correct. But as opened before, honesty is simplicity. Becker said that honest people are more relaxed. They are just being their true self.

For the many who are still inside the academe, honesty doesn’t only involve with not claiming what isn’t owned like money, intellectual property or lost object.

Honesty also includes not spreading lies and not looking to the left or right for right answers.

Hopefully, all Ateneans would also follow the example the example of Suriba. She gained the trust and confidence of the people around her, especially Zapanta who praised her for her honesty.

Remember, “Honesty is simple. It is uncomplicated.”

End the silence of the gagged!

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