July 27, 2014 (10:30 AM)

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By Account N’ See, the official publication of the Accountancy Division

The Griffins grooved to the music in this year’s Orientation Night held at the Martinez Sports Complex last June 21, 2014.

The music-inspired event started with a parade by students from the different programs under the Accountancy division. Students donned outfits resembling famous artists from their assigned music genres such as bollywood, pop, classical, rock and retro. JAGUARS, the departments’ talent pool, blew everyone away with a breathtaking dance performance.

Mr. Leopoldo Medina, CPA, MSA and Dr. Lenore Loqueloque, CPA, MBA discussed the different retention policies for 1st to 5th year students of Accountancy and 1st to 4th year students of Accounting Technology, making them informed about their academic standing. The program directors also invited guest speakers to inspire students in living out the Ignatian Values they learned during their time in the Ateneo.

During the event, a comical skit was shown, giving examples on how Griffins study in their different major subjects. First to fifth year students also assigned representatives to show off their year level war flags.

The Orientation Night was a proof of how Griffins actively participate in school activities, both social and academic. It also shows how well-rounded the students of the Accountancy division are. The hashtag #addugriffins even made it to the Philippines’ top trends on the social media website Twitter. The event ended with an after-party conducted by Accountancy Students Executive Council.

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