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MORO YOUTH. Liga ng Kabataang Moro Spokesperson Arnabie Murray tacked on the Moro youth’s plight for self-identification during SOYA 2019. Photo by Julien Jame Apale

During his 2019 State of the Youth Address (SOYA) talk on cultural injustices, Liga ng Kabataang Moro Spokesperson Arnabie Murray stated that the government has no basis and analysis in calling them “terrorists.”

“Walang basis, walang analysis ang government. Bakit tayo sinasabihan na terorista [tayo]?” he said.

[The government has no basis and analysis. Why would they say we’re terrorists?]

Murray added that Islamophobia was formed because of the “imperialist” country United States. 

“Sila ang nagpalabas ng Islamophobia na ang Moro as isang terorista,” he added.

[They are the ones who show Islamophobia- that Moros are terrorsist.]

Murray further explained that to regain their freedom, they have to stand up to the stereotypes and red tagging.

“Kapag hindi tayo lumaban, patuloy pa rin tayong tatapakan. Tatapakan ang ating karapatang mag pasyal sa ating lupa, sa ating kultura at pamumuhay,” he exclaimed.

[If we don’t fight, we’ll continue getting stepped on. Our right to freedom in our own land, culture, and livelihood will be stepped on.]

Despite the formation of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) to resolve conflict, Murray said that there is still aggression and tension between the government and the Moros.

“Patuloy pa rin ang ating pakikibaka. Patuloy pa rin ang pananakot sa atin. Patuloy pa rin tayong ginegyera,” he shared

[Our struggle continues. The intimidations are still happening. We are still being threatened.]

Although there is constant tension between them, Murray stated that not all people in the government are their enemies.

“Hindi lahat ng tao sa gobyerno ay kaaway natin. Kung sino ang nag uutos sa kanila, yun yung kaaway natin,” he said.

[Not all people in the government are our enemies. Whoever is giving them orders is our enemy.]

Other topics that were discussed in the SOYA are Tuition and Other Fees Increase (TOFI), ROTC implementation, human rights violations, and “attacks” on Lumad schools.

This year’s SOYA was held at the Assumption College of Davao in partnership with Kabataan Partylist, National Union of Students of the Philippines, and College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines.

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