September 21, 2015 (2:26 PM)

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Leyson (Left) with his parents. Photo from Chito Leyson's Facebook account

Leyson (Left) with his parents. Photo from Chito Leyson’s Facebook account

“Never settle for less, always aim for magis, and always be humble because at the end of the day, it is not the awards that we are really after but it is in you that you evaluate yourself: ‘Have I become a better person?’”

Armed with a passion for service and excellence, Michael Zachary Leyson, a fourth year Computer Science student and current SAMAHAN president, was awarded as the Most Outstanding Third Year Student during the recently conducted Gawad Parangal last September 16.

“Having received this award is very humbling because at least they recognized the efforts of these students who try to become better Ateneans regardless of what grades you have achieved and what activities you have done,” he said.

The Ignatian value of magis drives Leyson to strive, as he believes that the learning one gets in a journey helps him or her in becoming a better person.

He hopes that with the simple things he has done, he would inspire others to become AdDU Sui Generis leaders who fully realize Ateneo’s vision, mission, and goals of really molding leaders for Mindanao, and support the university’s goal of exemplifying social justice.

When asked for a message dedicated to those who want to become the best, he said, “Always remember that you are not doing these things just for yourself. Always remember that there are people who look up to you and believe in you that you can also become a leader and, at the same time, a better person for others.”


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