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Class presidents gather to elect it’ 2017-2018 GACP officers. Photo by Kyrie De Chavez

The General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) gathered for an election of officers at room F213 during activity period last July 14, 2017.

The election was presided by Samahan President John Espino, and was facilitated by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) volunteers.

After Comelec had given the mechanics for the electoral process, a concern was raised regarding the rule of voting by raising of hands since it violated privacy of vote and encourages social pressure.

Comelec Chairperson Charry Castillon promptly responded by stating that the mechanics were discussed during a prior assembly and nobody had raised such concern then.

“In the first place, no one raised this concern during the orientation, and by the time the guidelines were posted in the page of Comelec, it is considered as the rule that shall be followed during the election,” Castillon pointed out.

Comelec Legal Commissioner Sidney Labite also added that it had been decided that voting will be done by hand raising for convenience and to elude concerns on count accuracy.

The assembly proceeded following the flow of nominations, nominees’ two-minute campaign and casting of votes.

Nominated for the position of GACP finance officer were Nina Cesar and Tristan Tengosia. Cesar won to a count of 49-34.

For the position of GACP secretary-general, Edman Hong and Febie Baldonado were nominated. Baldonado won by vote, 44-34.

As for GACP internal vice-president, Amelita Carpio and Roberto Zamora, Jr. were nominated. Carpio won at a decided vote of 49-26.

A commotion was caused when Marvelous Camilo, one of the class presidents in the assembly, read out loud an alleged text message that implied an underground campaign by Piglasapat.

Carpio, a member of Piglasapat, snubbed the read text message as mere black propaganda.

“That’s how dirty politics is, in the first place, we would not be campaigning here if we already did an underground campaign. Basically, you can ask all the class presidents. I have never told them that I will run for internal vice-president.”

Castillon advised that a formal complaint should be filed so that a proper investigation could be instigated on the matter.

Elections resumed. Nominated for GACP external vice-president were Christian Bayron and Marvelous Camilo, who raised the issue of an underground campaign earlier. Bayron firmly won by vote of 53-15.

As for the GACP chairperson, Ernesto Galimit and Mildan Romero were nominated. By a vote of 52-25, Romero was elected as this year’s GACP chairperson.

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