July 18, 2012 (2:17 AM)

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The first automated First Year Representatives (FYR) elections took place at the Thibault grounds near the Internet reservation area last July 12- 13 and at the AdDU Matina Campus on Saturday in line with the first ever First Year Day. The system of selecting the FY representatives was patterned on the 2012 SAMAHAN Central Board Elections, which was the first to launch the automated election process.

There were seven candidates for the First Year Representatives, but only two were chosen. Mike Leyson and Roren Ong were elected as this school year’s first year representatives, garnering 577 and 576 votes respectively.

“I felt glad that the First Years have entrusted me to be their representative. They have given me the opportunity to serve them through the platforms we (with Derizza Laburada, my running mate) have laid out right from the start of the campaign. However, I was saddened by the fact that my running mate, Ms. Laburada of BS IE Section U3 didn’t win the elections. I have full confidence that she would be able to perform well once she’d been elected. That is why we ran together. We shared the same vision and plans for the FY Community,” said Leyson on how he felt after being chosen as one of the First Year’s voice.

Since majority of the voters were new to the system, most of them were enticed to try the automated elections.
Christine Joy Jovita, a first year AB Political Science student, when asked on the main reason why she voted said, “Para magkaroon ng voice ang mga first years.”
“Sana gawin ng mga na-elect ang kanilang responsibilities”, she added.

The AdDU COMELEC also expressed their gratitude to all the first year students who voted in the recently concluded elections. Jason Occidental, AdDU COMELEC Chairperson, said, “It was successful, the first years have shown that they are more motivated to vote unlike the past FYR elections where a turnout reaching 50% plus 1 usually needed to have an election lasting 5-10 days. The success was also brought by the support given by the SAMAHAN, FYDP, General Services, TSO, and Grade School IT Department. This is a good start for the first years in their involvement in the university and I hope that more first years would vote during the SAMAHAN elections next year.”

The FYR Election also made a record for the fastest time to get 50% voters’ turnout. The election closed with 55.83% voters of the 2,377 first year students.

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