June 13, 2022 (9:20 PM)

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Two fresh graduates from Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) made it to the list of topnotchers in the May 2022 Nursing Licensure Exam, which was released last June 10, 2022.

AdDU School of Nursing Batch 2022 Cum Laude Kyrr Justino Zerrudo and Magna Cum Laude Elizabert Derama Lamoste ranked third and tenth, respectively. Zerrudo scored a rating of 89.00 percent, while Lamoste earned an 87.40 percent rating.

Zerrudo and Lamoste told Atenews they became emotional upon knowing the results.

“I never cried so hard in my entire life. My friend and I first saw the topnotcher list before the list of passers, and I really didn’t believe what just flashed before my eyes,” Zerrudo said, adding that it was a surreal experience.

Meanwhile, Lamoste was in disbelief following her flooded inbox, saying she’s a topnotcher.

“I only knew [the results] when messages came, already saying that I’m one of the topnotchers. I was in disbelief and out of words that I was just crying out of joy,” she said.

Zerrudo and Lamoste graduated in April this year, prompting them to squeeze their reviews while finishing their academic requirements as graduating students.

In techniques for studying, Lamoste emphasized focusing on one’s weaknesses but also enhancing one’s strengths. 

“In my case, I have prepared for the exams by making summary notes of each concept and constantly read as much as I can. It is also important to know what subjects you will be faced with so that you know which subject to focus on,” she shared.

When asked about Zerrudo’s inspiration to push through amid challenges, he said, “everything is a state of mind.”

“I always told myself that I want to pass the boards not because I’m afraid to fail the people around me, but because I love them. I wanted to do good in my review because I love the people who unconditionally supported me and that I love the people who I am about to serve,” he said.

For those aiming to excel in the board exam, Zerrudo advised them to think of it not as a burden but as a tribute.

“Think of the board exam as a tribute to the people you love. From there, everything else will follow. Pressure is a privilege because it only means that someone is believing in you.”

Along with Zerrudo and Lamoste, 18 other examinees from AdDU passed the exam, earning a 100 percent passing rate with 17 first-time takers and three repeaters. The list of newly registered Atenean nurses can be viewed here.

The recent licensure exam yielded 6,616 successful examinees out of 9,729 takers. Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation emerged as the top-performing school with a 98.28 percent passing rate.

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