November 13, 2022 (5:20 PM)

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STUDENT LEADERS. Integrating the university’s vision and mission, AdDU Sui Generis Leadership Summit 2022 is back in a face-to-face setting at the Ateneo de Davao University Jacinto Campus. ASGLS is 2-day a collaborative event of the OSA, SAMAHAN, COA-D, and the CCP held last November 11-12. Photo by Joeshua Dequina

Fr. Joel Tabora, SJ, University President, on Friday, called on Atenean student leaders to live according to the AdDU Vision and Mission at the AdDU Sui Generis Summit (ASGLS) 2022. 

“You have to read, understand, and imbibe the Vision and Mission statement of the university,” he told youth leaders. 

The University President delivered a two-part introduction on the profile of an AdDU Sui Generis leader. Among those he discussed, Tabora emphasized the leadership that is unique to AdDU. 

“Therefore, Sui Generis,” he said to delegates. “It’s always ‘AdDU Sui Generis Leadership,’ never just ‘Sui Generis Leadership.’”

During the talk, Tabora reiterated the accomplishment of a common good based on shared values. 

“The leadership that is developed when the Vision and Mission of AdDU impacts the individual’s leadership… to a freely organized action towards the shared or common good,” he said. 

Tabora also clarified that the university’s vision speaks about the identity of AdDU as a reality in search for the truth.

He added, “We work for proper formation, we work for service of others, we work in collaboration with the church, we are exponents of the church… in service of Mindanao.” 

While the vision is “generally perennial,” the mission statement is “historically bound” for the common good, Tabora explained. 

“It responds to the needs of the Bangsamoro, as well as the needs of the Lumad communities.”  

Besides revealing an initial clarification of what an AdDU Sui Generis leader is, Tabora asked the new student leaders to reflect on how the shared values in AdDU’s Vision and Mission shape their type of leadership. 

Behind ASGLS 2022 

Over 176 delegates joined the ASGLS organized by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), SAMAHAN, Council of Organizations of the Ateneo – Davao, and Council of Class Presidents (CCP).

In an interview, CCP Chairperson Francheska Alivio said the working group emphasized discovery and self-assessment in the ASGLS 2022. 

“Allow them to actually realize what their true calling and leadership is… for them to discover which type of Sui Generis AdDU leader they will be,” she said. 

Further, Alivio stressed the summit’s goal to form quality leaders.

“To not only be leaders that have titles and accolades but leaders that actually know what they want to be for their community.”   

The first day of the featured talks on defining an AdDU Sui Generis leader and knowing yourself as a leader, while the second day focused on teambuilding activities, a talk on Ignatian leadership, and couch sessions with former Atenean student leaders.

Junior Finance Executives Auditor  Louise Jillian Yulo told Atenews that it was her first time joining a face-to-face leadership workshop two years since entering AdDU. 

“Gusto ko mag-explore more,… mas makilala yung self ko as a leader,” Yulo said.

She extended thanks for being in the camp, saying it revived her leadership “burning passion back to its life.” 

According to OSA Director Theresa Eliab, the recently concluded summit was just the first phase of the new format of the ASGLS. Phase 1 of the summit focuses on orientation, but there will be three more phases of the ASGLS which will focus more on mentorships and the application of AdDU Sui Generis leadership in advocacies.

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