March 21, 2012 (6:18 AM)

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So here it is.
Here’s how you forget:

do it
one memory each day
and soon enough
you’ll find yourself
free from all the kinds
of chains she puts
on you

today, you can
start to forget about her
laughter, no matter how
smoothly it glides
at the sides of your ears,
like the way you pour beer
so that the bubbles don’t get
in the way

you can forget
the way she touches you,
and how your own flesh
responds to the call
of her skin

(or maybe you can
leave the response part
for the day after)

The next day,
try to get away
from all of the places
where both of you
shared pretty good memories
or even those bad ones
forget the first kiss,
the first embrace,
especially the place where
you first saw her and knew
“She’s the one”
by the way the sun
glistens on the
apple of her cheeks

So there.
A memory each day.

And when you find yourself
pretty far off
after a few days,
try to take a break
from all the forgetting
and wait up for the
most intense part

Forget how you loved her.

Forget how quickly it happened
Forget how strongly it hit you
Forget how great it turned out
to be

It may take a few days
weeks, months, years even

But yeah,
one memory each day.

Forgetting has never been
hasn’t it?

– Karla Singson

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