December 13, 2019 (2:18 PM)

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ND THE STIGMA. Students attended discussion on HIV awareness lecture given by Patrick D. Albit RN., MAN. Photo by Kenneth Claire Albores

In light of the rising cases of HIV/AIDS, Asst. Regional Coordinator of the Global Fund Patrick D. Albit,  RN, MAN, emphasized that HIV is not the only sexually transmitted virus that should be focused on.

“Na-focus tayo kay HIV, nakalimutan natin na meron pang mga sakit na makukuha sa iyot sa iba,” Albit emphasized during the HIV/AIDS forum yesterday.

According to him, most of the sexually transmitted infections (STI), are symptomatic while some are asymptomatic, which is why most victims are not aware.

“During the first phase ni HIV, walang signs and symptoms, kasi asymptomatic siya and yun yung problem,” he stated, raising awareness regarding the issue.

Albit also shared information in line with the virus saying that having no protection during sexual intercourse with a person with HIV might cause transmission of infection to another person.

“Ito ang portal ni STI, ang A-Anal, V-Vaginal, and O-Oral, so ito ang portal of entry nila,” the advocate against AIDS said.

He enumerated some of the STIs revealing that the most common among them is Gonorrhea (“tulo”).

The forum also introduced a person living with HIV who shared his experience as an HIV positive and encouraged everyone to break the stigma.

“Actually there is more in the person having HIV. Meron pang special sa taong may HIV. You can hug them, you can talk to them, and pwede mo silang maging best friend,” “Nathaniel” said.

While providing free HIV testing, the said forum was organized in celebration with the Worlds AIDS Day last December 1.

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