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OUTSIDE THE BOX. Khryzza Mae Pinzon, AdDU alumna and entrepreneur, inspires students to advocate the Kasikas movement and encourages local commerce during a webinar “Strengthening Business Leadership and Capacity in Times of Crisis”, July 11. Screenshot taken from Hanna Marie Yarso

We build our own business. We empower our own business. But, at the same time, we also empower other local and small businesses because, at this time, kailangan nato mag-lift each other up.” 

This is according to Ms. Khryzza Mae Pinzon, an AdDU International Studies graduate and Tagum-based entrepreneur who led the discussion during the webinar “Strengthening Business Leadership and Capacity in Times of Crisis” last July 11.

Pioneering the Business and Management Cluster’s KASIKAS Advocacy Series, the webinar emphasized the importance of supporting local and small businesses, saying that promoting and empowering these businesses can improve the business spectrum.

As the first Minadaoan National Chairperson of Student Alliance Council in the Philippines, Pinzon shared her insights on emphasizing the ‘bigger picture’ of supporting local brands to relay the business’ vision and mission to the consumers.

“We hope that we should keep supporting local [business] because you have to make sure na dili lang kita nakabalo sa atong bigger picture, but our consumers also know unsa atong bigger picture and that is to support local in my case,” she said.

The Tagum-based entrepreneur also emphasized the importance of branding in today’s standards, pointing out that on handling business and building your brand “the visual and the physical need to be great together.”

Pinzon also mentioned that venturing out new markets is a good practice as it helps in “diversifying [one’s] business and financial resources.”

Consequently, the lead discussant also mentioned the importance of using one’s forte in creating your business. 

“You are your business, you are your market,” she stressed.

“Embrace what you sell because its easier to sell if you believe in your product,” Pinzon advised.

The participants of the said webinar also shared their insights on Pinzon’s thoughts in strengthening business leadership.

Thalia Teng, B&MSEC Overall Talents Head, shared the significance of valuing more on the business itself than the profit accumulated, recognizing Pinzon’s interpretation of the ‘bigger picture.’

“With a concise and formative talk from Ms. Khryzza Mae Pinzon, I acquired the importance of having a bigger picture in your business. There should be a deeper sense of purpose than just the profit. She embodied the millennial spirit and mindset relevant in running a business in times of crisis today,” she said.

Teng also explained that adapting new strategies amid the pandemic is also one way of strengthening business leadership.

“Strengthening business leadership is like fabricating a new mindset capable of adopting in hard times,” Teng shared,

She continued: “Applying the idea today, it stands for redefining business strategies and decision-making made as a leader in this field with the context we live in.”

Meanwhile, Thesia Sanchez, B&MSEC Finance Representative, admitted that the webinar helped her in establishing strategies of selling as pointed by Pinzon.

“I’m a business student pero never na nisulod sa akong hunahuna na strategy so somehow katong webinar kahapon it helped me a lot most especially kay i’ve been planning na mag put up pod og small online business a few months from now,” she said.

Sanchez also shared and recognized the value of effort in business as an Atenean.

She also continued: “Maka inspire si Ms. Speaker kahapon to think more outside the box. Because as Ateneans we shouldn’t settle for mediocre outputs, we should do more. Magis baya basta Atenean.”

Kasikas Movement 

B&MSec advocacy head Margaret Lopez explained that the Kasikas movement will pave way for more advocacies and campaigns to the viper community. 

“I wanted to tackle not just one advocacy, I believe that since our cluster is very big in number kabalo pd jd ko na even bigger atung potential.”

In pursuit of the Viper advocacy on business empowerment and leadership, Lopez explained that the recently launched Kasikas webinar series will paveway for students to embody leadership amid trying times through consistent community engagement and discussions. 

She emphasized “The goal is to provide the Viper community the means to learn and create involvements for B&M students outside the academic discussions.”

“Lastly, I know I can provide a main purpose for these webinars pero I’d like it much na the Vipers would define the purpose of the series through themselves by experiencing these webinars… And also the movement, Kasikas,” Lopez concluded. 

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