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Clarifying their stands and principles during the Miting de Avance, presidential candidates Christian Dominic Ang of Piglasapat and Arman Montero of Bahaghari responded to why they did not run for president the first time the filing was open for the position.

Ang said that he “gave way for someone he believed in” pertaining to Francis Consolacion, the former candidate who withdrew from the position.

For Montero, running for president was a “second opportunity.”

“I saw it as a second opportunity for me. I always did the ‘dirty works’ but I’ve never raised myself to a position,” he expressed.

Both candidates also presented their platforms and visionary statements for academic year (AY) 2019-2020.

Ang emphasized their running party’s vision which was to have a “well-represented Samaham, a maximized Samahan and a fun Samahan.”
He also emphasized on his other platforms that aimed to benefit the student athletes.

Montero, on the other hand, vouched that he aspires to be the president that would be “serving with passion

leading with dedication.”

Following the short speeches of the candidates, students posed questions directed to the running candidates.

The presidential candidates were asked about their plans on reconciling the political clash between the opposing parties after the elections.

Ang said that they will conduct “activities on the parliamentary rules and regulations on addressing concerns”.

“We should break the barriers between the political parties,” Montero said.

The candidates for secretary-general were tested on their competencies for the position provided that they were first year students and were tested on their knowledge regarding the reservation of Finster Auditorium and Martin Hall.

Faye Matas of Bahaghari emphasized that she understood the process by talking about how they are “reserved through Fr. Tabora, the Physical Plant Office, and other groups.”

Matas also expressed her readiness for the position.

“I believe that it is rooted from experience. Before I ran for this position, I came prepared. Bahaghari has already talked to me about that matter,” she said.

Renz Lacorte of Piglasapat explained his understanding on the processes by mentioning the Physical Plant Office, the Sports Office, the validation of the office of the president and all the letters required and to whom they should be addressed.

The candidates for Samahan Central Board (SCB) Treasurer were asked on how they were to deal with the tight financial situation of the university in the incoming school year.

Gabe Gallemit of Piglasapat emphasized that there should always be “proper distribution and allocation.”

Janna Fronteras of Bahaghari replied that that there should be hands-on monitoring.

“Dapat hands-on ang pag-follow up and monitor,” she said.
The Miting de Avance was conducted in preparation prior to the SCB elections that will be held on February 13-15 at the Arrupe Hall.

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