September 22, 2019 (8:29 PM)

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NOW. Bantay Bukid volunteers partnered with SAMAHAN Ecoteneo to plant over 400 seedlings near Panigan River Bank. Photo by Nick Anthony Biñas

In celebration for the EcoWeek 2019, SAMAHAN Ecoteneo Student Unit organized a tree planting activity with the partnership of Bantay Bukid to promote action for the arising environmental problem – climate change.

The campaign’s theme is “Kanus’a pa? Say Now to Climate Action.”

With the help of the volunteers from the Ateneo de Davao University and Bantay Bukid, 243 trees were planted in the Panigan River Bank in almost an hour.

Bantay Bukid will monitor the planted trees. The organization also monitors the farms, trash littered in the area, and illegal activities.

The event also encourages individuals, especially the students, to engage in activities that contribute to saving the Earth.

“First of all, I want the youth to be part in this kind of activity and gusto ko na mag immerse sila, aside from diba usually ang Ateneo is more on social immersion, parang by the communities. Now, it is best na sa environment naman,” Mitzi Salcedo, the Director of SAMAHAN Ecoteneo Student Unit said.

Salcedo also called the youth to participate in similar campaigns.

“You are at your best position to do something right now. As a student, you can gain knowledge from our professors, and you can apply it to the environment,” she added.

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