September 29, 2018 (4:22 PM)

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Despite the criticisms, the Ecoteneo student unit, together with the student councils, successfully concluded the “Let’s Go CLAYGO” challenge last Friday afternoon at Arrupe Hall.

Lady Bancud, the Ecoteneo program officer, shared in her closing remarks that she was thankful with the criticisms and considers these as “feedbacks” from the people being aware about the new environmental policies.

“It’s good that we received feedbacks. [It] gives us the idea that a lot of people are aware about the policies that the “let’s go claygo” challenge 2018 is promoting, so let’s be thankful about that regardless if its positive or negative,” expressed Bancud.

In the closing program, Bancud presented memorandum no. 2018-071 from the office of the university president which contains the new policies of the university aimed at reducing pollution. This is also in response to the challenge of Pope Francis in addressing the care for the environment.

The policy includes ban on single-use plastics, balloon regulation, the proper use of Air-conditioning units in offices, in classrooms, and in laboratories, when to use the elevators, the use of LCD Projectors, the proper use of water dispensers and refrigerators, and the regulation on the usage of computers and printers.

The environmental policies listed in the memo will take effect on October 19, 2018 – thirty days after its release to the public.

SAMAHAN President, Jerry Huerbana, also gave a short message during the program.

Huerbana took the opportunity to thank the Ecoteneo Student unit, the SAMAHAN department members, Pulsong Atenista and the Ecoteneo Senior High School unit for helping make the event possible.

He also pointed out that a lot of Ateneans want to change [regarding the CLAYGO implementation] but most are resistant to that change.

Huerbana also acknowledged the criticisms that will be thrown at them, but he reminded the organization about “the good cause that they have put on this challenge and to be open about these criticisms.”

“I’m not saying na dili nato sila i-mind. Yes, we have to look on the criticisms na ihatag nila sa atoa, kailangan na nato, and let’s be open about it,” said Huerbana.

Recognitions were also given to students who actively participated in the challenge. Winners for the Amazing race were also announced.

The Senior High School unit bested the College department and was hailed as this year’s champion in the Amazing Race.

A community dance to the tune of “The CLAYGO song,” by Psychology student, Jayrah Adeva, concluded the event.

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