February 21, 2020 (8:14 AM)

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SADSAD 2020. The recently concluded indigenous and folk dance competition highlights culture and arts in the University. Photo by Mariah Johanna Uy

For the first time, School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), Business and Management (BM), and Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) were proclaimed overall champions in this year’s Festival of Excellence (FoE) making the event a historic triad win for the three clusters.

SEA representative Chardanne Marie Magno said she was glad and proud to what everyone achieved.

“Friends na man din kami (cluster reps),” she said, adding they knew the efforts each cluster exerted.

Given their limited preparation in other contests, BM rep Shiena Carreon said she did not expect the results.

“I’m very glad because sa pag-end sa akong term as BM rep, natagaan nakog glory akoang cluster. I’m very happy na dili lang isa ang nagchampion this year but also three clusters,” she said.

Overwhelmed, HUMLET rep Carl Maglinte thanked everyone, saying he also did not expect to win alongside the two clusters.

“Representative lang ko nila nagareceive lang kog awards pero sila (participants) ang nagwork. Grabe kagahot sa mga clusters ilaha jud gihatag ilahang best,” he said.

For the overall first-runner up, Social Sciences (SS) cluster and Accountancy (ACC) cluster shared the title, also the first time in FoE. School of Education (SoE) won 2nd runner-up.

For Sadsad Mindanaw, ACC were declared champion with their rendition of Hinabol sa Tagabawa of the Tagabawa Manobo, receiving Php 20,000.

Following ACC were BM for their rendition of Bagobo Tagabawa Tribe’s Buyo, and SS dance of Bakusan of the Matigsalug tribe; receiving Php 15,000 and Php 10,000, respectively.

For the MUGNA short film festival, SEA’s Gaba bagged Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design, and Best Editing.

SS’ Tabula Rasa bagged 1st runner-up (Jury Prize), Best Direction, Best Musical Scoring, Best Trailer, and Best Poster.

Samuel Lafuente of SS won Best Actor and Mishell Valerie Ferido of ACC won Best Actress.

HUMLET’s Sino Ang Pumatay Kay Crispin? bagged 2nd-runner up and Best Production Design.

For the Esporre: Photojournalism contest, BM were declared champion, HUMLET and SEA won 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

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