October 2, 2011 (4:24 PM)

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Last night, Atenews received an insider report from the SAMAHAN Central Board saying that SAMAHAN President Aldwin Dumago will resign from the office.

Just this morning, Mr. Dumago confirmed his resignation through Facebook. Some of his friends and colleagues from SCB posted their appreciation of his rendered service and leadership within his six months in office.

As to why Mr. Dumago decided to leave the office, students are speculating that the huge pressure as a student council president brought him to resign. Others speculate that an alleged threat from libel charges might be one of the reasons.

Dumago will clarify the issues on Monday. As what he said on his fb account, “I can circulate the memo myself on Monday,”

As of now, Ms. Jubail Pasia, as GACP Chair and SAMAHAN Internal Vice President, takes over as the SAMAHAN President.


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