August 17, 2012 (8:19 AM)

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The Social Sciences Dragons brought home the bacon during the Palarong Pinoy ’12 garnering a total score of 19.5 points.

There were seven games for the event and were played on August 15 and 16. During the first day, Pass-the-Card and Tug-of-War were played and Sack Race, Balloon Relay, Kadang-kadang, Walis ni Kwan, and Dragon Wars on the second day.

The event started later than expected due to the delayed start of the Karaoke Challenge. Nonetheless, the event was able to push through. The first game was Pass-the-Card –a relay of an acetate card using the lips, wherein five pairs of boys and girls per division participated.



The second game was a Tug- of-War, still having the same of number of players were needed to qualify for the game. At the end of the game, the School of Engineering and Architecture was ahead of the divisions, followed by the Accountancy Department.

The scorching of heat of the sun was not a hindrance to the extreme energy of the departments on the 16th. Sack race was the first game of the day, but it wasn’t the traditional one. There was a twist that every after turn-around another player will go into the sack and hop until all ten players are able to make a turn-around.


Kadang-kadangand Walis ni Kwan were the second and third match for the day. Kadang-kadang was played by relay with ten players using a pair of coconut shell. Walis ni Kwan, still a relay, also played by ten players, but this time using walis tingting.

The final game was Dragon Wars, also known as Dragon’s tail. Ten players for each department formed a straight line having the first person on the line as the head and the last as the tail. The first person on the line must get the color handkerchief attached on the belt hoop on the last player on the other team. The last standing team wins.

At the end of the day, the SS Dragons outshone the other schools and departments and grabbed this year’s title of being the Palarong Pinoy champion.


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