March 21, 2012 (6:23 AM)

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All of those are just lies
All I hear are cries
Stop it with your fake smile
That makes me want to sigh
How can you still grin just like that?
Even if you played with my heart
I am tough you see
I can forget you someday
My heart is now burning in intoxicating anger

Because of your selfish ways and discriminating acts
I have fallen in the pits of despair
I have walked into the sea of agony and flaming anger
I still can stand you know
I am strong, I can do this
My heart can endure without you in my life

My heart was just full of thorns
And one by one I had picked it out
I know I had loved you for so long
And I was really blind
I am anew and my heart blossomed obtuse
I am searching for a brand new beginning
Don’t you ever say you’re sorry
‘Cause I am leaving to a path of a new beginning
Sayonara my love! I have been born anew.

I had walked a path to lies
It has been bitter and pale
All I need is for the truth
Never this way
My throats dry from shouting
My feet is tired, let me rest
Here from now on

I have a secret to tell you
Did you know that I love you?
Yet the truth really hurts you see
Then why did you leave me?

My heart is now full of thorns
Now you can never fixed that is
I have loved you for so long
Yet you played with it
I hate you yet my
Heart is still looking for
The one who is playing with it
I am searching for you
Maybe I still love you
It really hurts
To hear the bitter truth

I need to forget all of these memories
All of this just reminds me of you


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