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As this year’s Information Technology (IT) Week continues, students from STI Colleges of Mindanao, Holy Child College of Mindanao, St. Mary’s College of Tagum, ACES Polytechnic College, and St. Peters College of Toril joined Ateneo’s Computer Studies Cluster in celebrating the IT Week held at Ateneo Jacinto Campus on Friday, November 24.
Techno Success Stories

Representatives from Knights of Online Marketers, Mynd Consulting Incorporation, and Samatosa Software Developer Corporation were invited as guest speakers for the Techno Success Stories which was held at Finster Auditorium 7th flr on Friday, November 24.

The first speaker, Founder of Knights of Online Marketers Ronald Rambonga, shared the preparation and factors to consider in pursuit of success.
“If you want to become successful in your life, always remember the triangle of success. It’s actually A, S, K. Attitude, skills, and knowledge. Attitude always comes first, and knowledge will follow,” he said.

HR Manager of Samatosa Software Developer Corporation, Michael Pinto reiterated the importance of consultancy, training, and human capital in achieving greater heights.

“You need to surround yourself with people who share your vision, who like to make things happen, with people who also want to see you and themselves succeed,” he elucidated.

Founder of Mynd Consulting Inc., Myrna Padilla answered some of the students’ queries regarding the business industry.
“Kung gusto niyong magnegosyo, think of preparations, your skills, lahat-lahat na. Isipin ninyo ang magnegosyo ay parang nagluluto kailangan alamin lahat ng rekado, procedure ng pagluluto para sa ganun, meron kayong outcome na magandang luto at successful ang outcome ninyo,” she explained.

IT Week Career Talk

Guest speakers from Next BPO Solutions Incorporated, Ingenuity, and Globe telecommunications were invited to share an overview of what it’s like to be in their respective companies. The discussion was done to give the st

“There is a very big and harmonious relationship between the ICT and the BPO. The BPO basically, bridges tudents a glimpse of career paths to take after graduation.

Project manager of Next BPO Solutions Joseph Galedo explained the correlation between BPO and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).he gaps between different regions, different countries, different industries as well using the impact of technology in the workplace,” he said.

Head of research and training from Ingenuity Global Consulting Jefford Mamacus, discussed the nitty-gritty of their company. He also shared insightful tips for the graduating students.

“The best way to learn from the industry is to emerge to the industry, to actually know people, and to actually integrate with these people…One good thing about being a fresh graduate is that you have the greatest desire to learn, you have the greatest potential to learn, and you have to make sure that this hunger for learning will actually boost you forward in whatever career you choose. Don’t worry, you won’t drown as long as you are very willing to get wet,” he expounded.

Globe’s Managed Services Architect Matthew Supnet, shared Globe Telecomm’s nationwide achievements, recognitions, and services. He also expressed the willingness of the company to serve more and more Filipinos through the years.

E-games Talk

A discussion focusing on the technical and social aspects of electronic games was held at the Arrupe Hall on Friday, activity period. It was intended to inform the public to go beyond the superficial understanding of electronic games.

“We identify people whom we call as E-athletes or E-game athletes; maybe there are some people na are really not athletic, but they excel in the eye-to-hand coordination which is also found in sports. We want to expose, people in this new set-up,” IT Faculty Vincent Lumapas, said.
He also mentioned that E-games is not just a child’s game since there are tournaments recognizing and offering millions worth of prizes for talented E-athletes.

“In terms of E-games, I really am hoping that in the near future, maybe Ateneo can accommodate its own E-game. Because I can see that there are a lot of talents that would come from Ateneo in terms of E-game. My thinking is that, we just need to be open on this new types of games that could really be improved.” Lumapas, expressed.

The E-games talk is a complementary talk from the previous discussion on animations and graphics and a continuation of yesterday’s multimedia workshops on game development and graphics.

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