February 16, 2021 (8:27 PM)

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SAMAHAN Central Board (SCB) Elections hit the quorum mark on the 2nd day of voting after the electoral turnout obtains 50%+1 of the student population, eclipsing last year’s rate of voters’ activity.

Compared to the SCB 2020 elections, this year’s electoral participation rate is higher based on the total of 62.44 percent voter turnout as of this evening. Unlike last year’s election, a quorum was not yet achieved until the last day of the schedule. 

With the transition of events to the digital platform, Commission on Elections (COMELEC) conducts the first-ever online SCB 2021 elections. Along with this shift, the COMELEC dealt with numerous technical difficulties and glitches during the launching of the voting platform. 

According to COMELEC’s Twitter account, the delay of the one-time password may be due to the web traffic caused by a large number of students trying to vote. Some students also reported not receiving e-mails of their receipts from their ballots. 

Fortunately, COMELEC was able to resolve the issues on the website on the afternoon of the commencement. They also thanked the students for relaying their encountered problems during the voting process. 

According to COMELEC, as of 8:00 PM, voter turnout are as follows:

  • 59.63% – Business and Management 
  • 63.77% – Social Sciences 
  • 64.34% – Computer Studies 
  • 67.5% – Humanities and Letters
  • 65.46% – Natural Science and Mathematics 
  • 71.82% – School of Education 
  • 61.39 % – School of Nursing 
  • 59.18 % – School of Engineering and Architecture 
  • 66.77 % – Accountancy 

The overall voter turnout is 62.44 percent. 

The SCB 2021 elections is now on its 2nd day and is still ongoing. Students may cast their votes at http://addu.esecvote.com. The voting period concludes tomorrow, February 17 at 6:00 PM.

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