June 22, 2020 (7:51 PM)

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EDUCATIONAL AID. Davao local government steers to provide assistance to 22,000 children, setting 50 million pesos for the program “Eskwela Davao”. Photo by Gwyneth Marie Vasquez

Stressing the importance of education despite the restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, “Eskwela Davao” Program Head Norman Baloro shared that the city government’s educational assistance program aims to give hope and support to students whose families have been drastically affected by the pandemic.

“[It is] very important because we can provide financial assistance to around 22k children in the city because [we] have to value and invest for the future of the students giving them hope, support and equal access to education despite the situation of COVID 19,” he said.

Citing the effects of the pandemic on the economy and labor markets that have affected various companies and sectors, Baloro said that there was “ a real threat of substantial sales ed declines, solvencies, job losses, and reduced income.”

“This worldwide pandemic has adverse effects on socio economic, political, and even the cultural aspects of individuals, like the families, communities  across countries,” he added. 

In connection, he emphasized the importance of continuity of education, especially for young learners.

“In the scenario that we had, we cannot disregard the importance of education, more so for the young children and we all know and we believe  that the education can’t wait at the same time.” 

With funds amounting to 50 million pesos, the City Government of Davao launched its educational assistance program “Eskwela Davao” last Tuesday aiming to provide aid to 22,000 children across the city.

An article published by the Davao City Government reported that the local government unit has set aside P50 million for the said educational assistance program with target beneficiaries of around 10,000 elementary students at P1,500 each; 6000 high school students at P3,000 each; and 6,000 senior high school students at 3,000 each.

Baloro further stated that the funds were taken from the local government’s support financial assistance from the Department of Budget and Management. 

Only one student from each family is entitled to avail the said program in cash or in kind. 

In order to avail the program, applicants must have the following qualifications: (1) must be a resident of Davao City,  (2) must be a bonafide elementary, high school, or senior high school student of any public or private schools in the city, (4) has not availed any program or assistance provided by the government during COVID-19, (5) willing to enroll in the school year 2020-2021, (6) whose family’s income has been affected by the pandemic.

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