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Students from different programs gathered together to participate in a forum on data science titled, “Date with Data: An Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning for Students.” The said forum was held last Monday, at the university’s Finster Auditorium. Photo by Hannah Lou Balladares

“Data science is expected to fuel economic development for the 21st century,” Dean of the department of Engineering and Architecture, Engr. Randell Espina, stressed in his talk on Data Science Monday afternoon at the Finster Auditorium.

Engr. Espina encouraged the students to embrace the field because “we [Filipinos] do not want to be left behind again” in the development.

To introduce Data Science and Machine Learning to the students, the Computer Studies (CS) Cluster in collaboration with the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) organized the event, “Date with Data” through the Data Science Technical Working Group (DTSWG), a faculty of professors who pioneered the field of Data Science and Machine Learning in the university

Grace Tacadao, the department chair of Computer Science program and the founder of the DTSWG, commenced the event as the first speaker and discussed Artificial Intelligence (AI). She also highlighted Sophia, the first robot declared a citizen by Saudi Arabia.

To further elaborate Data Science and Machine Learning, Engr. Randell Espina talked about the relationship of “Intuition” and “Data Science.”

He also discussed how “Data Science and Machine Learning” can be applied to the different engineering programs offered by the university.

Assistant to the Academic Vice President and Management Information Systems Director, Dr. Michelle Banawan, concluded the event with her discussion on how Data Science can enrich the context areas of Humanities and Letters, Social Sciences, Business and Governance, and in the Computer Studies.

First year Mechanical Engineering student, Alic Lapina, considered the event “useful” and commended the speakers for their methodical discussions.

“I find the event very useful to give context to what is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. And I think [the speakers] did a very good job because they started with the basic terminologies and then they advanced,” she narrated.

She also cited how this field can help in the business sector, especially in raising their sales.

“I think that is very useful for the market, they [will] know how to increase their sales because of data science,” she said.

Patrick Kyle Jardinel, first year Computer Science student, shared how this event can help provide awareness on the field of Data Science.

“Mabuti na nagkaroon ng event na ito dahil nakakatulong siya para magprepare sa mga students and they are able to have awareness na may ‘Data Science’ and para mas [widen] yung knowledge nila and kung ano ang mga benefits na makuha nila doon,” he said.

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