February 21, 2017 (1:20 PM)

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The Ateneo Filipino-Korean Community during the opening ceremony. Photo by Charlotte Billy Sabanal

An assortment of cultural performances and art competitions welcomed Ateneans at the Arrupe Hall last Feb.20 in celebration of the Ateneo de Davao University Culture and Arts Cluster’s launching of this year’s Pag-Inunongay, the university’s Arts Month celebration.

As part of the Festival of Excellence, the Pag-Inunongay aims to promote cultural sensitivity and awareness among students.

Jesus Montajes, the Program Officer for Culture and Arts of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) touched on the spirit of Pag-Inunongay in his opening remarks.

“This year is the first season of Pag-Inunongay. ‘Pag-inunongay’ means ‘collaboration.’ All these events are going to be part of tradition in our institution that [we will celebrate] February [as] National Arts Month,” he said.

Montajes presented the Ateneo Culture and Arts’ Cluster’s official magazine, entitled ‘Kaanyag,’ which means ‘beauty.’ The magazine will be available to the Ateneo community in June.

The magazine launch was then followed by presentations from the Filipino-Korean Community, Ateneo Filipino-Chinese Community, Teatro Humanidades, and the Society of Ateneo Literature and English Majors.

With the theme, “Ani ng Sining,” the celebration features 13 events dedicated to nurturing culture and cultivating artistry, all scheduled throughout late February until early March.

Among the events are the Kaanyag magazine launch (Feb. 20), Mukha: a full-length play (Feb. 18), Hugot Unplugged (Feb. 20), Esporre: a photojournalism competition (Feb. 20), Tunog Mindanaw (Feb. 20), Hulma’t Pinta (Feb. 20), Bahandi: Asian Food Bazaar and Arts Fair (Feb. 20-24), Korean Festival (Feb. 20-22), Bahandi Fashion Hall (February 20-24), Cultural Ball (Feb. 24), Sadsad Mindanaw (Feb. 24), a Forum on Cultural Sensitivity in Language (Feb. 27), and MUGNA: an Intercollegiate Film Festival (March 3).

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