August 17, 2012 (5:11 AM)

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The College of Nursing triumphed against the defending champion, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department, in the 15th Ignatian Cup last August 16. It was spearheaded by the Ateneo Debate Varsity in line with the celebration of the 64th Ateneo College Fiesta.

From 10 divisions, a total of 18 teams competed for the Asian Parliamentary debate format.

CoN’s Gracielle Tubera, Carl Agunod, and Jenny Lozano with NSM’s Ela Lee, Princess Esposado, and Angela Babac made it to the finals after the elimination rounds last August 5 and the Quarter and Semifinals last August 8.

“Victory was unexpected,” said Tubera, the Prime Minister in the championships, who emerged as the Tournament Best Speaker.

“Aside from the fact that we were not aware with the current events as this was not the focus of our course, we had no experience in debating,” she added.

The winning team defended the prohibition of the involvement of any religious group in the Philippine electoral process, against the NSM on the Opposition. They argued on the biased votes that will be influenced by the participation of any religious group, and the supposed mere separation of the Church and the State.

When asked what Tubera thinks made their team victorious, she said that their strategy was establishing a goal beforehand then constructing their speeches with a well-built structure.

ADV President Paolo Cansino said there are three reasons why the Ignatian Cup is held. First, it is a part of the Ateneo identity—of what an Atenean should be with the skill of eloquence to develop in public conversation. “Second, it is an important starting point in molding champions,” said Cansino, relating how the debate team’s experience in the past Ignatian Cup helped them win competitions outside the school. Lastly, it serves as a testament that everyone can debate, not only the students from the Social Sciences or the Humanities departments.

“Once again, CoN’s big break proves that debating is for everybody,” Cansino concluded.

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