August 27, 2014 (2:07 PM)

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In light of the dismissal of the complaint filed against members of BAHAGHARI regarding premature campaigning done for the General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) elections, COMELEC issued Resolution No. 2014-0002. It stated that COMELEC will send a letter of recommendation to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for the probationary status of BAHAGHARI.

With the presentation of additional yet conflicting information, COMELEC elaborated their decision towards the matter.

WHEREAS, Article 3 of the General Assembly Executive Board Elections Guidelines states:

Section 3. Campaign prior to the elections shall be strictly prohibited. Anyone who shall have knowledge of early campaigning is encouraged to file a complaint to COMELEC.
Anyone violating this said policy shall be dealt with accordingly.

WHEREFORE, the Commission finds BAHAGHARI violating the abovementioned article based on the evidences presented and the admission of Ms. Krista Villa-Agustin, president of BAHAGHARI, to the premature campaigning that she did, during the hearing.

The previous resolution did not contain any information regarding Villa-Agustin’s admission for premature campaigning. Resolution No. 2014-0001, which was final and executory, also noted that the evidences stacked against BAHAGHARI did not imply premature campaigning on the part of the candidates, which lead to the decision of COMELEC to dismiss the petition.

Both resolutions were unclear on whether or not GACP candidates’ respective political clubs could host premature campaigning on their part and the implications of this event.

Regardless, Resolution No. 2014-0002 claimed that BAHAGHARI, through Villa-Agustin, was found violating Section 3 of the General Assembly Executive Board Elections Guidelines. While the Bahaghari officers-elect will remain to be in position, COMELEC denounced BAHAGHARI’s “unethical” actions.

The resolution further cited that COMELEC will recommend to OSA to put BAHAGHARI in probationary status.

WHEREFORE, the Commission on Elections will send a letter of recommendation to put
BAHAGHARI under probationary status that will be submitted to the Office of the Student
Affairs regarding the unethical actions done by BAHAGHARI through its president, Ms. Krista
Villa-Agustin. Nevertheless, the Commission takes careful note on this matter as this would
serve as a warning for BAHAGHARI.

The case remains to be unsettled until OSA responds.

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