October 16, 2019 (2:17 PM)

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TOP 2. AdDU BS Chemistry graduate Ed Ivan Bardoquillo placed 2nd at the Chemists’ Licensure Examination 2019 held this October with a score of 92.50%.

After securing the 2nd place in the October 2019 Chemical Technician Licensure Examinations with a rating of 92.50%, BS Chemistry fresh graduate Ed Ivan Bardoquillo considers taking environmental chemistry graduate programs.

“I also consider taking graduate studies in environmental chemistry and promote environmental preservation and protection in my future projects,” Bardoquillo told Atenews.

Bardoquillo was among the 30 outstanding college students recognized during the 30th BPI-DOST Science Awards for developing scientific researches and innovations.

His undergraduate study “explored how a substance in nail polish removers can be used as a catalyst for the chemical recycling of plastic waste” to address plastic pollution.

Apart from developing his skills as a registered chemist and chemical technician through research, Bardoquillo shared that he plans to work in the University as a chemistry instructor.

Both Bardoquillo and Maniell Dymna Dulay, who also graduated this year, took the Chemist Licensure Examination last October 8-9 in Cebu City and passed. However, only Bardoquillo took the Chemical Technician Licensure Examination last October 10.

When asked about how he reacted after hearing the news, Bardoquillo described that it was overwhelming.

“I trembled at first for I don’t know how to react. I was speechless. My phone didn’t stop ringing because of my friends’ and family’s sentiments and greetings for my national achievement on social media,” he said.

During his stay in Cebu City for the review, Bardoquillo shared that he faced some challenges, including financial. However, he said that “the endless love and support” of those people close to him motivated him “to never give up and ace the board exams.”

“The holistic support from my most loving family, friends, institutions, and of course, our almighty God, have intensely motivated me to study hard and did a good job in the exams,” he said.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, only 457 out of 1085 passed the Chemist Licensure Examination. Meanwhile, 2298 out of 2834 takers passed the Chemical Technician Licensure Examination this year.

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