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The CSSEC, along with the Ciphers, moving to the beat of the song “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. Photo by: CSSEC

The CSSEC, along with the Ciphers, moving to the beat of the song “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. Photo by: CSSEC

This article was adapted from “Chameleons curious trip at Wonderland!,” originally published at Hard Copy, the Official Publication of the Computer Studies Student Executive Council of the Ateneo de Davao University.

By Christine Marie Zosa

Last June 20th, the Chameleons got in touch with their inner child as they celebrated their CS Orientation in Wonderland! Donning colorful outfits topped with wacky hats, you’d think everyone was going mad! Thankfully though, everyone was quite sane throughout the program. Beginning with a prayer and the singing of the national anthem and Blue Knights song, they were immediately followed by the electrifying dancing of the CS cluster’s beloved dance troupe, the Ciphers, who successfully riled up the crowd for the event ahead. Then, Fr. Charlie Cenzon Jr., SJ gave a few opening remarks and introduced the faculty members of the cluster. Succeeding the opening remarks were the orientations of the different departments in the cluster, namely the IS Department, the CS Department, and the IT Department.

The orientations began with the IS department, which was given by Mr. Yancy Vance Paredes (leftmost photo). After showing a quick video related to IS, he went on to give more information about the course, along with the courses/subjects the IS students will be taking. The next department was the CS, as in Computer Science; Ms. Grace Tacadao (middle photo), the department’s head, was the one to orient the students of what to expect being students of the course. She also showed a few videos related to CS, like the video from the movie “The Imitation Game.” The last of the departments to give its orientation was the IT department, given by Mr. Jose Mari Freires (rightmost photo), the IT department head OIC. Again, he gave the students a quick overview of what the course has to offer its students.

Before the event ended, a few announcements were given, which included the announcement of the winner of the shirt design contest. The winner of the contest was Ralph Dela Cerna, a CS alumnus. Congratulations! Another announcement was the presentation of the teaser trailer of the CS Sports Fest this coming July. The last part of the event was the Dance Community; the Ciphers dance crew, along with the CSSEC, invited the audience to dance with them to the song of Walk the Moon entitled “Shut Up and Dance.” All in all, #CSinWonderland was a great success, even on twitter! It was trending 4th nationwide that morning. Once again, the CSSEC along with the Logistics did a great job on planning and preparing the event.

End the silence of the gagged!

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