August 14, 2014 (8:58 AM)

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Members of TRIMMOC jive  to  Budots  music. Photo by Christine Joice Cudis

Members of TRIMMOC jive to Budots music. Photo by Christine Joice Cudis

Colorful banners alongside distinct booths filled Dott’s Park in this year’s Campus Club Organization (CCO) Gimikan.

Six different clusters under the CCO organized the event. These were the Arts and Education cluster, Business cluster, Engineering and Architecture cluster, Faith and Formation cluster, Science cluster, and Socio-Civic cluster.

“This event aimed to build relationships between the clusters. Mas masaya kapag marami kasi may unity and teamwork,” said Ma. Levi Perez, Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League (ACIL) Vice President, when asked on what makes this year’s event different from the previous year’s.

CCO’s goal is to have a “bigger and better Gimikan,” said CCO President Patrick John Comoda.

“Gusto lang naman ng clubs [at] ng CCO na mag-enjoy ang mga students and their members,” added Comoda.

Each of the clusters prepared different-themed booths such as Fun House, Geeks Convention, Perya-Perya, House of Horror, SF Live, and Atchup Prutz Stand that everyone can visit and enjoy.

“Gimikan is for fun and friendship,” said Ednesa Jacobe, Ateneo Religious Organization (ARO) Treasurer on what Gimikan is about.

“Maski bago lang ko diri, I witnessed how fun it is to become an Atenean!” said a first year student.

The booths will be in Dott’s Park until Friday, August 15.

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