August 6, 2013 (6:26 AM)

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The Campus Club Organization (CCO) officially opened its annual weeklong club fair at Dotterweich Park last August 5, 2013.

The different club organizations flocked near the Dotterweich building where the parade started. It then continued to the Roxas open field and finally concluded at the Dotterweich Park.

With “Carnival” as this year’s theme, the club organizations filled the Ateneo grounds with their happiest and loudest cheers as if beckoning the start of a momentous event.

“This year, we want to take it a step higher. It might be ambitious, but the CCO actually wants that every student must have a club,” said CCO Chairperson Hitesh Dhanwani.

CCO is composed of 48 clubs and is divided into 6 clusters.

The Arts and Education cluster is composed of AISSO, ECOSOC, FEAT, JSWAP, SALEM, SAMAPULA, SAMASIKOFIL, and SINIKOM.

The Business cluster is comprised of ASMS, AMARC, JPAMA, AHRMS, JPIA, YES and JFINEX.

The Engineering and Architecture cluster is constituted of ASIEM, JPSME, JPICE, FUSEE, DORIC, SELECOMES and Processor.

The Faith and Formation cluster is comprised of Subdominant 7, Reachers, CYA, CLM, ACIL and ACLC.

The Science and Mathematics cluster is composed of AdDACS, AdDAMS, ACCSS, PNSA, LSA and TABS.

Lastly, the Socio-Civic, Cultural and Political cluster is constituted of PIGLASAPAT, Bahaghari, Buklat, NWC, CRCF, AFC, AFCC, APS, ArtCo, AIESEC, TRIMOC and SALAM.

“We encourage the students to join club organizations because this will serve as one of their training grounds for the real world. Students are not just supposed to be academically competitive but also to be socially competent,” said CCO Ambassadors Paola Hernandez and Mike Espino.

The CCO club fair will be until this Thursday, 5 pm.

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