September 3, 2015 (1:48 PM)

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Clubs and organizations from different clusters were showcased during the Club Recruitment Week culmination program last Friday, July 3, at the Roxas grounds.

Club members from the Arts and Education, Religious, Socio-Civic, School of Engineering and Architecture, and Sciences cluster marched from the Dotterweitch to the Roxas grounds during the parade.

“We will be establishing our identity as the umbrella organization of the accredited clubs in Ateneo through ratifying our CCO constitution,” Kahlil Denise Alcomendras, the Campus Clubs Organization president, said in her opening message.

She also emphasized that they will be putting premium importance on Mindanao Peace Process and the 2016 National elections.

“Expect that your clubs will be in the frontiers in advocating for positive change in Philippine society,” she said.

“Join a club and get the holistic experience that we are all searching for. Join a club and be more than a student. Join a club and let that fire inside you kindle another fire,” the CCO president ended her message.

Club presidents also took oath during the program.

Performances from different groups were showcased. Selected club presidents also joined the games prepared by the CCO.

“The event was OK,” Sunhee Lee, a third year Education student who joined the program, expressed. “I just noticed na konti lang ang people [who attended] compared last year.”

She also said that the program helped the students in recognizing the different clubs in the school.

The club recruitment week is an annual activity by the CCO to promote the different clubs and organizations in the campus.

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