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As the 2022 National and Local Elections transpire in a few months, CANDID DATES 2022 allows Filipino voters to know the candidates running for different positions and learn their achievements, stances on various issues, and platforms for the Filipino people. 

The forum, which could be part of the Filipino voters’ discernment process on who to vote, was presented by the Davao’s Association of Catholic Schools (DACS), copresented by Initiatives for International Dialogue, Mindanews, and Mindanao Consortium of Ateneo.

“We cannot afford to be just bystanders and uninvolved. This [event] is not only important but also imperative as an exercising faith and citizenship,” DACS President Bro. Noelvic Deloria, S.C. said.

The first guest candidate, Atty. Ruy Lopez, was the Congressman of the 3rd District of Davao City for three terms. 

His platforms include genuine peace and order in Davao City through the prosperity of the ordinary person. In addition, actual development and progress ensure no barangay are left behind. 

Such improvement would be manifested by providing infrastructures, pro-poor programs, pro-business and employment solutions, and developing a sustainable Davao City comparable with the most progressive cities in the world.

“One thing I would like to do, I’ll try to solve these problems of the city if I become the mayor with all my experience and competence and with the help of everybody,” Atty. Lopez said. 

He emphasized that he is concerned about good governance as people fear the government when they should not. 

“Ang gobyerno hindi dapat kinakatakutan ng tao. Ang gobyerno is to serve people and if ever at all, the government should respect the people,” he said.

The mayoral candidate’s positions, legislation authored, and platforms for Dabawenyos could be further read on Ateneo de Davao Blue Vote’s Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Question and answer portion

Since it has been 12 years that Atty. Lopez was out of the political scene; he mentioned that the kind of mayor he aspired to be would be like his father, a public servant.

“I should impose that kind of attitude [on] all government employees and local government employees. Everybody from those in city hall and all the way to those traffic enforcers that we are servants of the people,” he added.

Atty. Lopez further shared that one thing he learned from his father—no barangay left behind—will be applied on his platforms and assured there would be no corruption.

Furthermore, the attorney’s take on the problem of illegal drugs is to stop the supply, help those who are already rehabilitated, and not kill them.

“You must rehabilitate, hindi ‘yung patayin. Kahit patayin mo pa ‘yan lahat, next month, mayroon na naman ulit ‘yan,” he stressed.

When asked how he could provide Davao with the electricity needed, especially when global warming urged reduced carbon emission, Atty. Lopez answered that he would support renewable energy projects.

Moreover, the attorney’s priority agenda for Covid-19 recovery is to prepare the people for the normal, address employment, and help small and medium enterprises. 

“I might not have all the solutions to all the problems, but I am willing to listen, especially to those who are knowledgeable and experts,” he said.

The mayoral candidate further said that he has more competence, experience, and qualifications, making him a better candidate than his rivals. 
Last February 4, the first installment of CANDID DATES 2022: The Local Interviews was streamed live via Ateneo de Davao University’s Facebook page.

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