November 23, 2019 (3:11 PM)

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School of Engineering and Architecture’s “Bangon” won best entry for ad/film-making competition organized by Center for Anti-Illegal Drugs.

Utilizing the art of short film-making to strengthen the campaign against the use of narcotic drugs, the Center Against Illegal Drugs (CAID) recognized the best entry for its very first Ad/Film Making Competition last November 21 at the Arrupe Hall.

A film entitled “Bangon” from the School of Engineering and Architecture bagged gold.

“Bangon” highlighted the ability of any individual to stand up and begin anew despite his or her past experiences with drug addiction or the ill-effects of narcotic drugs in the body.

Atty. Romeo Cabarde, Jr., director of CAID, hopes that this initiative can be doubled in the years to come where more organizations can participate and collaborate with each other.

“As we stand together, the possibilities are endless. Through this art, hopefully, we can have a powerful medium with the end goal of maybe launching some of the entries here in major platforms for ads and publication,” Atty. Cabarde, Jr. said.

CAID partnered with the Office of Student Affairs, SAMAHAN and the Campus Clubs Organization, to invite clubs and organizations to submit their short-film entries according to the theme: STAND (Strong Together Against Narcotic Drugs). This event is part of the week-long celebration of the Drug Awareness Week in Davao City.

According to OSA Director Theresa Salaver-Eliab, this type of medium contributes to the awareness of the ill-effects of drugs. She emphasized that it is an important art form that should be used for the betterment of lives.

“Film is a powerful medium for educating and congregating people. Like any other art forms, it can create meaningful social connections through a shared experience. I hope we will be able to create films that matter, those that advocate for a greater cause like this fight against illegal drugs,” Eliab expressed.

The winning team received a cash prize of P 5,000 from CAID.

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